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EXPERT 50.000 – Organic WorldWide Traffic from Google – Custom Keywords


Organic Traffic – The traffic where good credit happens, when people searching in to your brand or specific keywords will give a signal to the search engine that the website contains much more accurate information than anyone else. Visitors we will only be clicking on your money site/blog once it is searched on Google or any search engine platform.

You can’t just build a blog or website without any traffic on it. It doesn’t make sense. We build a blog/site because we want to show our clients what they need, or giving more details about what the site is.

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WorldWide Traffic from Google.com – Custom Keywords

★ Increase your Traffic from 1 Keyword
☆ Increase your Organic Traffic from Google

💻 Desktop Traffic 45-55%
📱 Mobile Traffic 45-55%

✓ Google Analytics Supported
✓ Yandex Statistics Supported
✓ We will send bit.ly to track results

⌛️ Long Sessions (Up to 60+ Seconds)

➘ Natural Bounce Rates: ~30-40%

⚡️ 5.000 Visits per day for 10days ( total 50.000 )

⚠️ No Adult, Drugs or other harmful websites allowed
⚠️ Campaign ETA: 12-24h (all links are manually checked for compliance)



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