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Get Site visitors To Your Web site – Quickest Key phrase Hacks!

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Get Site visitors To Your Web site – Quickest Key phrase Hacks!

REMEMBER: watching this coaching is in NO WAY saying you’ll earn any cash. there’s lots of work concerned and marcus has been at this for over 18 years… however what you may count on is actual world data on how he runs his running a blog enterprise and the way he has helped others do the identical.


drive site visitors to my web site

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  1. When you look at competition in Google keywords too, you get the paid competition. I prefer Ubersuggest insted, since they give both search and paid competition. But I dont trust the competition numbers directly, I use them to judge the kwds relative to each others.

  2. Wow!!! Thank you for all of this GREAT content! Such a jam-packed video… thanks, Marcus!!!

  3. Great stuff, Marcus. I'll be sure to watch entirely…

  4. Marcus I notice that it says you have ad dissaproved. makes me feel better to know that even with all your years experience you still get that.

  5. There are 1,7 billion websites online. Online competition is extremely competitive. Type any keyword and you'll see over a hundred million results. Only a tiny percent of all websites get organic traffic. The best way is to get traffic not to compete with authoritative websites that have high-quality content. It’s better to find own way with new keywords. 15% of all keywords appeal every single day. The second way is to find low-quality content that generate organic traffic then create 10 times better content. Spend more time with promotion, not creating. Link building continues to play a huge role in SEO.

  6. great info tonight , Dude do i need this info ………..Thumbsup!!

  7. Very interesting you’ve always shown some great content 👍🏻

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