THE BEST MONTH YET!! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ – Affiliate Advertising and marketing Web site Replace #16

On this video replace on how effectively my Amazon Affiliate Advertising and marketing web site is performing I share my newest site visitors and earnings quantity.
SPOILER: It’s been one of the best month thus far!

Issues talked about..

Switching to Rank Math website positioning:
The positioning:
Playlist of all of the updates and extra:


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  1. Great video! What is the best theme for WZone? The ones they provide look pretty bad..

  2. Great stats Alex and well deserved! You’ve worked so hard on this and shared its journey from its inception. πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. For a 9 month website that's a really bad profit

  4. Great progress Alex, lots of potential ur site has!

  5. Alex, I enjoy your vids. I'm on my third month and have only 16 articles. Right now, using Pinterest to drive traffic. I have not monetized yet. Waiting until my visitor numbers are much higher. Just trying to build my audience.

  6. Alex, can you use the Wzone on more than one site? Same amazon affiliates account.

  7. A 9 month old site that you've spent thousands of dollars on (content, advertising, seo, plugins etc) and still not cracking $200 in earnings.
    Sorry, but I think this is a good example of what not to do. Don't spend $$$$ on content, advertising, seo, backlinks etc.
    My tip for everyone is a simple site, plugins that will auto post on social media to get free traffic. Utilize the free traffic to get sales and commission.
    I started a site at basically the same time as you built this one. I earn about $300 per month from it (full auto pilot) . I have never paid for advertising, never paid for seo, never paid for or even bothered to write content (it's a straight up online store/ affiliate site) , whole site build cost me less than $80 (including domain name,plugins etc) .
    I have over 30 sites I operate, and earning range from $30- $500 per month (on full auto pilot; excluding updating plugins once a month on each site) from each one, and I have never; and will never, pay for seo, advertising, content etc. All traffic is free from social media, which I get by auto-posting using a plugin, and each site cost me less than $80 to build.
    Also get rid of adsense. It pulls visitors away from your site, affects the look, adn costs you more in affiliate earnings that you will earn in adsense income. I stopped using adsense and my increase in sales outweighed adsense earnsings.

  8. Great alex….Alex where is your new update videos of kingdom theme.?…its been a month or so…I am waiting…

  9. I have adsense and this month it went crazy, and I think Google changed something to do wifh auto ads, but this is for my news blog, I don't have affiliate site.

  10. Thanks for the update Alex, My wife and I sit down to watch your videos as we have our dinner lol. We are new to the affiliate marketing scene and your Best Roof Box playlist is packed full of information and tips. It's great to see the upward trend.πŸ‘

  11. Just creating my first site. I'm on my 4th post. Woo hoo. Lol when would you start monetizing on a new site. Thanks. πŸ‘


  13. Congratulations Alex! Woocommerce's last update date is 25 June 2019. Is it the same for you too? Because too much time passed.

  14. I'm not sure why I managed to earn $200+ consistently on my affiliate website from one single article. Does google love me that much?

    But on the other hand, I have another blog that has 50 articles which makes $50 per month.

    The only difference is that the first website is 3 years old and the other is 5 months old.

    The second difference is that I didn't invest more than $1000 on the first one, but in the second one hah. I've invested like $5000.

    And the third thing is that the first website runs on WooZone and the other one completely on blog articles.

  15. Remove the adds Alex πŸ™‚ the look and feel is more important than pennies

  16. If you disable Google Adsense you'll get more money i'm sure ! because one poeple click on Ads of Google they leave you website , and maybe in the Ads of Google they make on your site a great roof box so theu click to buy from another you get 0.001 $ !!! try it at least one month and you'll see πŸ™‚

  17. Are you doing any backlink building or guest post or anything like that or are you just letting it be thanks

  18. Just a thought. It might be that BestRoofBox.com has seasonality but in a different way. I would guess that people tend to travel around the holidays and when Uncle Joe asks if he can ride with you in your car well you need to get yourself a roof box to accommodate everyone. Just my opinion but I think you'll see peaks just before each of the big holidays.

  19. It might be worth it to keep just one Adsense ad, site wide on the top right sidebar. You may get a higher CPC or you could just hold off on ads altogether until you have enough traffic to qualify for Ezoic or one of the other premium ad networks. Also, beware of possible click bombing. Not by anyone malicious, but by Amazon robots.

    Amazon has a habit of crawling sites, checking their own links, etc., However, sometimes they do excessively click other links, i.e Google Ads. Had an Adsense account banned because of this. I was able to trace the clicking to Amazon and located their IP's doing the click bombing, contacted their regional webmaster. He confirmed it was them, apologized. I sent the email with my appeal to Google Adsense to no avail.

    Anyway, I'm about to get an LLC with a DBA and reapply, since my new site is about to cross 10K users per month, minimum for Ezoic. But you need an Adsense account to get with them. You really should check out some WordPress click bombing protector plugins. Congratulations on your month!

  20. Great Alex! … I hope swimsigns site starts bringing you some peanuts.

  21. The point about ads is a good one. You have to weigh up what value they are adding to your users compared to how many people they may put off if there are too many of them.

  22. Mister WP Eagle, will you make your website AMP compatible? AdSense now includes AMP support. Are you considering using Auto ads with AMP?

  23. WP Eagle is My Second Favourite channel on YoutubeπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  24. People need those boxes for winter skiing

  25. Nice, the way I tend to do it is one site pays a bill! So having like 10 sites means all bills paid :p

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