How To Optimize Native search engine optimisation For A New Web site [On Page SEO]

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On this video, I cowl tips on how to carry out Native search engine optimisation for one in every of or shoppers we not too long ago launched a web site for:

I cowl the precise issues that you must optimize for immediately together with:

– 301 Redirects
– Including Title Tags, Meta Descriptions
– Checking for damaged hyperlinks
– Checking for usability points
– Checking URL buildings

On Web page search engine optimisation is step one for any web site that’s going reside. Usually, we are going to run a SEMRUSH audit to search out technical points earlier than publishing the web site reside. Study extra by watching the total video and subscribing right here:

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    Planning a strategy for a local online business is different from online only business as the marketing technique that you are applying should target and appeal to potential customers in your locality.

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  3. Just built my Web page using squarespace and wow there's so much to learn. Great videos and I hope I can wrap my head around your genius

  4. Love this video bro that’s site 🔥🔥🔥 as well I’m about to text you

  5. Cheers for your giving invaluable SEO demos. I don't think there's anyone on YouTube, with your kind of demos and complimentary explanations:)

  6. Hello ruan,
    I have a question?
    What site editor do you use to customize that websites?
    They already have Same CMS ??
    PLEASE answer ASAP

  7. Thanks for the content. Do you have a course?

  8. Ruan weird question my distant cousin owns a digital marketing agency with 30 plus employees and he opened a second marketing website different name and Ubersuggest says that his website that he created a few months ago has 188,000 back links how is that possible? Lol

  9. Hi Ruan great video!. You are the first SEO who is totally honest and does step by step vids with no bullshit.. (i've watched them all). They always leave out the best secrets for local SEO. You never see Neil Patel or Brian Dean doing local SEO because it's more difficult. I'd like to see them do a skyscraper article about painting a wall…lol

    I also own a painting company so i'm loving the tips. I've been getting really discouraged the last 18 months trying to get on page 1 in my city of over 1M. Most of the local companies on page 1 all have a ton of blackhat backlinks. I don't have any. ( I'd love a link from you to get this ball rolling!)

    Q. Is a link to a blog article on my site worth less than a link to my Home page? I notice that most of the companies Home pages are the ones listed on Google page 1 for all the great keywords.

  10. Another great video Ruan. Thanks for posting this. In your video you mentioned seeing all links for a website by typing site semi-colon, I think you meant to say site colon. Hth others trying to list their links.

  11. Hello Ruan
    my name is fido i am from north Africa,i like your videos and tutorials
    i want to open digital agency here in my country !
    what is the best builder i can use for my customers web sites and what is good advice for me ?
    do u still sell course to lean about seo ? you mentioned on one video that you both seo classes from some one on youtub ,can i have his name pls ?

  12. Hi Ruan M Marinho, Please I would like to know the theme you are using for your local websites.


  13. Hey Ryan, do you know someone by the name Daniel Anton? He has taken your video and featured it on his FB ad

  14. Where you are adding mera title and description? Which CMS is this?

  15. SEMrush is actually pronounced S-E-M Rush. because SEM stands for Search Engine Marking. Similar to SEO is S-E-O. Common mistake but every time i hear it I cringe so I always tell people.

  16. Hey Ruah, great video👍👍 and details explaining on page seo. Many good strategies to apply. Can't wait for your off page seo video 😀😀.

    Questions 1 : How to over take the social media position or e-commence position in Google 1st page?

    Question 2 : For starting, Which tools be useful? Semrush or ahrefs

    Thank you for great inputs

  17. If you have Yoast premium and change the URL structure, it automatically creates the 301 redirects for you, correct me if I'm wrong..I only ask because I did this for the 1st time not even 10 minutes and It appears it did that for me.. not sure how to verify that though.

  18. Hi Ruan, how do you ensure that your websites are ada compliant? Lately many small businesses in the US are getting sued because their websites do not follow the Ada guidelines ( especially in Florida and NYC ).

  19. 13:10 page description. In spanish it's en los arcos superiores e inferiores 😉

  20. Hey Ruan… Is that a custom CMS you are using to create your sites?

  21. Ruan what's your thoughts on multiple h1 tags on a page? Also do you tend to focus on building location pages?

  22. Nice work! What web design software is that site built on?

  23. Hey Ruan! Great video! Can you go over on the best way to setup a multi language website. I have tried a few different plugins but didnt really like the idea of paying monthly for a translation plugin where I was going in and actually fixing the translations. I'm ok with a one time fee but monthly seems ridiculous for a translation plugin.

  24. ???/???????????????
    id u use wix for web development RUAN ????????

  25. Can you please tell us about this website editor.. look awesome

  26. Thanks for the tips. BTW, for getting an index for pages on a given site the punctuation mark after site: is just a colon (not a semi-colon.) Not trying to be the grammar police, but you did mention it more than once and thought you should know. Using a semi-colon doesn't work (I wasn't sure, so I just tried, lol.)

  27. Question:
    How many tools are you using and how much it costs you per month?

  28. Amazing Video Bro learning alot from this video

  29. Hi, Nice It's Helpful. Which language and seo extension are you using

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