HOW I GOT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO GO VIRAL TWICE: The three issues you must take note of in 2020

Soooo… I obtained my YouTube channel to go viral TWICE! Sharing the three issues you must take note of in 2020 if you wish to go viral on YouTube

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The opposite day I spotted that my YouTube analytics had a message on the prime letting me know that YouTube picked up 2 of my movies and began to advertise them on folks’s homepages. Now as you guys know, that is the second time that this has occurred! So, after all, I needed to movie a video to let you recognize what occurred, how I made my channel go viral twice, and simply share the analytics!


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  1. I'm out of breath just watching you talk.. damn you talk fast

  2. I just checked my watch hours … 225 hours! It feels like it's gonna take forever to get to monetization for me.

  3. Is there an actual indicator telling you if you were “picked up” by YouTube?

  4. Wow just like yesterday you were at 49k now your almost at 51k 😭😍

  5. Even though I'm not doing anything with YouTube, I find your videos very enjoyable to watch. I love the way you open your eyes so wide – it shows just how enthusiastic you are about the subject. My hope is that you don't burn yourself out by posting 3 times a week.

    Is that too many times?

    I look at another YouTube Vloger I like (Joe Scott). He posts twice a week and always has good content to go with his subjects. Does posting basically every other day give you enough time to develop your script and edit your videos? I know you are treating this as a full time job so you can push yourself hard.

    You're much like another Vloger (Graham Stephan
    ) – Very enthusiastic about your subject and you always provide high quality information.

    I wish you nothing but the best in the future and my you continue get more views and followers in the future.

  6. I’m recently trying to start my channel back up again in 2020 after a 5 year break, your videos have helped me understand what I need to do in order to reach the right audience,I know it’s going to be a lengthy process I just hope it pays off, I make beauty related videos and have recently started a vlog channel also, hoping this will help me reach a wider audience, much love x

  7. Thanks for the good content. New subscriber I will checkout your other videos too.

  8. ❤️Woah, you helped me so much with growing my little channel, I just passed 200 subscribers and I'm so happy!❤️

  9. Just binged watched a few of your videos.

  10. You sound like a prairie girl (AB). I’m in PE. If you have no clue what I’m talking about my assumption you’re Canadian is completely wrong lol.

  11. I love your videos, they’re very useful! And you know what to say, the right content and everything. I hope your channel grows even more ☺️

  12. I just can’t wait until I hit 1000 subs. Seems like it’s never going to happen, but I know it will—hopefully, this year.

  13. I am a small YouTuber that focuses on Lifestyle and my journey through Nursing School. I would love to support other small YouTubers and help each other grow! ♥️

  14. Thank you for sharing yet another great video to help new youtubers like us to keep on creating content in youtube. Though my niche is far from what your niche is., this video still keeps me motivated.

  15. I am here when an Indian YTber gave you a shout-out bon his video

  16. My friend recommended your channel to me and am glad you have so much great information that is actually helpful and not click bait!!! Big thumbs up 👍

  17. How to go viral on youtube: 1.Be a girl and be very attractive. 2.Be extremely funny and entertaining

  18. I learnt from your monetization video. I'm a new YouTuber. Let's connect if you're one too. Let's grow together.

  19. God bless you for sharing all the info and to inspires also small Youtubers(Vloggers) like me:) Happy Holidays..

  20. Thank you for sharing… wish you success 🥰

  21. Ein Mann ein Wort, eine Frau ein Wörterbuch

  22. I guess I have a same case here, one of my video is viral and that is attracting more and more subscribers. I use to say this to my friends and my research on Multimedia education also proves that all it takes is one video. Specifically for YouTube this has been the case since the beginning. Thanks for your videos and tips 👍🙏

  23. Wouldn’t it be cool for all of us to support each other’s channels?? Let’s support each other!!

  24. Thanks for the tips! I really lack on my analytics skills 🙂

  25. Thanks for the tips, Just uploaded my first video! 🤭 Let's gooooooo! 🤞🏼

  26. I wanna stay connected thats why i $ubbed to this channel.

  27. Thanks for your tips. Growing my channel too fast.

  28. Most of the comment section: have atleast 1k subs
    struggling at 17 subs

  29. Love your transparency and of course the helpful tips, keep it coming! I only lack 997 subs to get my first 1k sub lol 😇

  30. And the cooler thing is this video about viral goes viral!

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