When Ought to You START Monetizing YouTube Movies? | Suggestions For YouTube Success

When must you begin monetizing YouTube movies? What are some nice suggestions for YouTube success?

โ–ถ On this YouTube coaching tutorial, you will study monetizing YouTube movies and how one can begin earning profits on YouTube lengthy earlier than you ever attain the minimal subscribers and watch hours to take action! What’s YouTube cash making all about, what does YouTube cash per view imply and when can I begin earning profits on YouTube? All glorious questions which might be generally requested by YouTubers beginning out and my suggestions on tips on how to monetize your YouTube channel are based mostly alone opinions and will not be meant to let you know definitively when the precise time is to begin your monetization course of. It actually comes down to every particular person and what they really feel is correct for his or her channel!

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  1. Good info. I've known YTers that loaded on the ads (within the vid itself) once they could. It was certainly a turn-off
    Though, some YTers have been building to 1k for so long and have built that trust that I don't mind when they monetize, I'm actually happy and intentionally watch their ads. Goodness, if they'd waited til 4 or 5k, that would take so long (seeing as how it took so long to get to 1k). I say monetize when you can/want, just go easy with it. You can always scale back. Thanks for sharing this! I didn't realize you could apply before meeting the criteria

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  15. I'm just a tiny bit confused on one point. I thought that if I monetize my videos, it just means I get some of the money from the ads that are already there. This sounds like I have control over and will choose how many and which ads are played. Is that how it works? If it is, I didn't realize that's why some videos have 15 ads and some have none! I feel like regular viewers should get a heads up when they join YT to know how to help and support people, and in general what's going on with the videos.

  16. This is a very valid point, we had actually considered this. But I guess we will have to wait to see where we are at when we do reach that threshold.ย Ads at the beginning and or at the end is a great option.

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