How To Promote Web sites & web optimization Providers To Small Companies [B2B Sales Process]

Study extra:
This weekend, I had the chance to show a small group of individuals our firms processes and gross sales cycle.

One in all our attendee’s William Hunter, recorded this small clip so I made a decision to add it into YouTube and play it again to share with those that observe me

This video covers our digital advertising and marketing course of on the subject of gross sales and I really feel it’s tremendous invaluable for anybody who could also be promoting digital services

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  1. Hey Ruan, Thank you for giving up this paid information on how to sell to warm prospects. How to get the right prospects who are ready for SEO and leads because they are positioned for it and have the ability to pay for it. The initial phone call to introduce yourself further and ask them about their business (5-10 min.). Ready to set the 1-hour discovery appointment. Ask them questions to understand where they are in their business and measure their pain points. 95% listening and taking notes. 5% offering questions for responses. Use open-ended question with no yes/no answers. Use "What else …?" No solutions at this point. Provide understanding. Then, mention that you have enough understanding to take this information back to your team from today's meeting. Schedule another meeting to present the solution plan in the meeting. The prospect now looks at your website and your name on the internet. Communicate within 24 hours an email with the breakdown of the prospects' issues. In the second meeting, present slides with their issues and the solutions (1-3 hrs). Answer the prospects questions and get comfortable to close and ask for the business. Your solution completes their goals now and in the future. Ask what the resistance is and come to a middle ground if possible. Reduce the deliverables to accommodate their budget if there is resistance and ask for the business. Use an exit survey if the prospect is still objecting. There are always tire kickers that think they can use your presentation to fix it themselves. This means you have learned how not to fail the next time. A nice run-through of the sales process for a local business.

  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one about to ask ruan for those google slides?? 🙂

  3. Hi Ruan. Nice video. I'd like some advice plz. I learnt the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Now I want to start Freelance Web Design for small local businesses using WordPress. I will start using Google Maps to find clients who have no Website or with bad Website's. Then offer to build them a new Website, charge a set-up fee and then charge monthly to cover the cost of hosting, domain name, maintenance and so forth as a means to get regular income. I am confused and thinking of taking advantage of the Black Friday sale to get the DIVI WordPress Theme and Builder for 1 year and get a refund within 30 days if I'm unhappy. But I am not sure, I need some solid advice. Is this a good business idea? Will DIVI be enough for small local businesses that want a Mobile Responsive Website? Are the Website Packs enough that DIVI offers? I also want to start some Niche Blogs then monetize them after bringing them traffic. But I am worried that these WordPress Page Builders such as DIVI have major flaws, I don't want to be in a position where I can't finish websites or they stop working or have major flaws. I just don't know the limits of what I can and can not do, I'm nervous and just want real serious advice to move forward. So what do you think? I'd appreciate your advice. Thank you.

  4. I'm designer and I create websites and graphic materials. My portfolio: behance.net/micaelfviegas

  5. This video > a four year marketing degree

  6. Thanks brother, am Ekaette, Nigeria

  7. Dude. I did not know you could write on walls like that.

  8. I worked at yodle and then web.com I would set a demo 1 call, then do a PowerPoint presentation and 1 call close businesses all the time for $1000 to $2500 a month. I was doing $25 to $35k in mrr every month making $20 to $25k in commission. I think this process is too long I could cut it down to 2 calls.

  9. hey Ruan, heads up. Your new york website the looks weird through mobile. check it out

  10. Thank you for sharing, Ruan! Another valuable video from you!

  11. Ruan this is gold thank you so much for sharing this video

  12. So many conflicting knowledge

    One salesman says this and one salesman say tgat

  13. why does everyone write so small when they're writing on whiteboards 😭
    Great video tho! Tons of value that's going to help me sell these websites!

  14. Ruan why not you share the Google slide template with us

  15. This is 💯 Legit pure GOLD!! Just one question Ruan how do I approach businesses if I dont have case studies. Should I work for free?

  16. That's it dude… First time I saw you laughing loud 😉
    Bundle of thanks for the amazingly informative video.

  17. Amazing video Ruan, is it possible to purchase your PPT Pitch deck?

  18. Hi Ruan can you please mention that presentation slide sample which you prepare for your clients in this video.

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