Free Native web optimization Course: Rank #1 FAST! [Part 1]

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On this video, I train a free web optimization course! Put your wallets away, and study the mindset behind rankings and dominating your native market by utilizing the practices we use at


youtube website positioning course

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  1. Thank you everyone for watching! Are these videos helpful? Help me by SMASHING the like button so I can release the part 2! Cheers,

  2. Hi, where is the training on how to make those beautiful led gen websites?

  3. Ruan the man ! Greetings from Long Island. You are my favorite channel on YT at the moment.

  4. Love your videos – unique insights! 👍🏼

  5. Hey guys, I had my business running for some time now and I always tried to do SEO myself it was very time consuming and very complicated to learn… And then I found http:// bit. ly/cheaponlineservices (delete spaces) which was a complete time saver. There are people who can do a much better job than I can and for a very cheap price.

  6. but y are u giving away ur secrets ??

  7. what the F***. Are you crazy putting out such detailed comprehensive content for freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!. Along with my day job i have been watching youtube videos for ways to make money online with different model for many years. I have tried affiliate marketing & eCommerce but was never satisfied with the little success i got. I watched your many videos in last couple of days and it made me think i should take action again and start doing seo for business. I am mapping out plans to execute soon.

    I must say the value to content you provided is equals to a 6 month high ticket diploma course.

    After Miles Beckler you are the 2nd person who admired me (i watched his videos 1st). Keeping in mind i have been watching "Make money online videos" for about 10 years and yet found 2 persons who admired me because of their sincere and honest approach to provide valuable content which will help many in their road to success.

  8. YES, very helpful videos! Great value and looking forward for more like that.

  9. No any other channel on this subject gives this match value for the time …thanks a lot 😊😊

  10. Thank you ! Looking forward to part 2

  11. Hey Ruan, thanks for the tutorials, you mentioned in the video that you would share the link for the call tracking you use. I couldn’t find it it in link below section.

  12. Ruan, the call tracker works only with internet calls or with normal calls?, also works in mexico?. Im interested on buying your course

  13. Helpful? You have helped me to rethink my whole business model. I love what you do sir.

  14. Thanks, amazing video! Looking forward for a part 2

  15. Killing it. Agency content would be awesome. Maybe pricing and or client acquisition

  16. Looking forward to seeing Part 2! ❤️

  17. Amazing video
    Ruan, I have a question I study your site most your Url is index and ranked in SERP but not show on your site navigation. Examples are "Top California SEO Experts", "Toronto SEO Agency" and many more what kind of this strategy. you rank these pages with zero RD that was also amazing.

  18. Thanks for sharing the information

  19. Man going the extra mile to teach us all, much appreciated brother…

  20. Excellent it was please published as soon as possible part 2

  21. I don’t even know how to comment anymore man. Value fu*king trend bro. For some reason you’re the only SEO that gives hope to the newbies like myself! God bless you bro

  22. Very good content. I'm subscribing!

  23. Awesome and am really looking forward to the part 2 now.

  24. Please have a module on getting clients too and building brand to get inbound leads in long term. And clients reporting

  25. What CMS and website builder do you use for your clients?

  26. Is this from your underground secrets course? Because the website is old

  27. yeah! another cool video.:) waiting for next part..

  28. Sheeesh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you’ve did it again!!!!

  29. Thank you for the value! Looking forward to part 2

  30. Ruan, have you done a video about starting your agency if you should be an LLC, SCorp.. Etc? Would be great to hear about the pros and cons coming from someone like you. Thanks for all your great content!

  31. I think you are much better than google Microsoft because they are only focusing on their platforms and not educating

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