Teen Millionaires | The children operating profitable companies who say you may too | Sunday Evening

The million-dollar children – Alex Cullen meets the kids with huge goals and even greater success tales. Beginning with nothing from as younger as eight years outdated, they’ve overcome huge hurdles to construct their very own companies – they usually’re booming! They’ve huge goals and even greater success – discover out how one can too.

This story initially aired on the 25th August 2019.

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begin a profitable enterprise

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  1. In the 5th grade, I sold my class on the fact that my run-of-the-mill pencil sharpener was of the highest quality and had kids paying me for exclusive access to it with their "Platinum Pass" XD

  2. Poor young adult, had never a true childhood …

  3. The best time to start a business is when you are young. Especially if your living at home and have no living expences. Even if you fail you will still learn, there are always more opportunities to come.

  4. Keeping it challenging achieving your dreams all your life filling your time always working and managing is one of the keys to success.

  5. I thought this video was about Ellen

  6. 😥😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  7. Awesome guys, so inspirational for young kids including mine xx

  8. If you want it bad enough, you will get it. When you need to urinate or deficate do you think you're just gonna drop it and keep the waste in your body? Like I've said if YOU want it bad enough, YOU WILL MAKE IT

  9. All of the video I was thinking “ oh Gary Vee shoud see these kids” and at the end he pops up haha ❤️

  10. Ever since I was 19 I been wanting to start my own company. I’m now 21 and finally decided to stop pushing my dream aside to another day, so on January 2nd 2020 I decided to actually start it and I did. It’s currently in the process of being signed by the state senator to make it official.

    I’m not expecting to become a multimillion this year, or the next… I understand that 99% of companies fail and I’m taking those chances.
    I’m just proud of myself for actually taking action, instead of just saying I’ll do it like I have been for nearly 3 years.

    All I’m gonna say to you guys is that, if you been wanting to start a company, or go to the gym, or get a new job then just do it.
    People say the first step is the hardest and it truly is, but once you take that first step and make just a tiny bit of progress, you’ll want to continue.
    And believe me, it feels amazing to finally start the journey.

    I wish the greatest success to you all, let’s make the next 10 years better than the last!

  11. Kids like him become the Bill Gates of the world, we end up working for them. Lol. I wish I were like them. Great job!

  12. I love how the last guy said get out of moms dad payroll & buy ur own iphone👏👏👏😂😂😂 (well said)!!!

  13. I guess some ppl are just born with it! He already knew what he wanted to do from a young age. You have 2b confident & have it in your blood.

  14. 17 and it's able to drive a bmw series 4. u idiot?

  15. Miley Cyrus is doing well for herself

  16. I know I can too but not on loans and credit cards

  17. I have turned my so-called talent into a business. I sell custom car drawings to car owners & enthusiasts, and soon will be expanding to merchandise with my graphics on them. Also opening a 3 day pop up stall at a event abroad. And hopefully aiming to design to custom body kits and mods in the future.
    And on the other hand, I have my school preparing and sending me for work experience because they think I will work a 9-5 job for 30+ years.

  18. These kids are so smart and inspiring!

  19. The comment section is full of 70 IQ slaves who think they know more about finance than millionaires

  20. "Eyt yas old," Australian accent is something else 😂😂

  21. At my school in Arkansas, when I was in 8th grade(now I’m 9th) I was in a class called AVID, where they were trying to convince you how important college is and get us ready for what we’re going to do after high school. I told my teacher I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I don’t know where to start, she was the only one who thought that I had a chance of making it. I’m almost 15 and I haven’t done much to pursue my dream but any chance I get, ima take it.

  22. School are more slave system then showing off you how to be independent at young at age also, theres also alot of ageism that alot of older people sit back and support them not financially but with the idea without babying kids like this at a young age.

  23. He's a dropshipper. If you want to make money at a young age, look into dropshipping.

  24. Meanwhile those teens in Dr.Phil.

  25. everyone always said "get a trade" what a waste of life that has been. there are labour hire people on more money. i wish i had a head like this kid at 17 but that's how the cookie crumbles

  26. wish i had supportive family. I'm 27 about to start my first business.

  27. At 15 i was thinking of beating my next Gameboy Advance game!

  28. why do they look like they were forced to do this?

  29. The single best thing I've done in 18 years of my life was to invest myself in personal finance and self-education instead of the formal school education system.

  30. I can’t even open a paypal cause I’m 16 😡

  31. Aw what jack said about being shot down hit in the heart. I got treated that way at 26 l and 23 and 21 and 16.

  32. Ima be rich one day anyone who says you can’t is tripping I ain’t got a dad and we ain’t got much money I’m 17 rn i hopefully will be rich by 20 if Work hard, if you wanna help me I would appreciate a like or sub on my music thanks

  33. Jack has no help from parent’s except the fact he lived at home rent free and bill free. So yes they did help him immensely because that’s one thing that kills you when trying to make something of yourself along with having kids. I’m sure he is a very hard working young chap but it’s not as easy for some people to just get started. Though it isn’t impossible either so not trying to make excuses. Good on him.

  34. Me : ( ten years ago) Dad i wanna build a business
    Dad : the f you thinking about?
    Me now: struggling financially

  35. rich parents propped the kid up to make it seem like he did it alone, which he did not.

  36. This videos shows kid’s websites who made millions, but nobody has heard does websites. Something is not right here.

  37. School staff, just because you are slaves and live pay check to pay check, doesn’t mean we have to follow your pathetic lifes.

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