website positioning for Dummies : On-Web page website positioning Guidelines

My Full 10 Step Guidelines for On-Web page website positioning

1. URL
2. Titles & Descriptions
3. Key phrase
4. H1 & H2 Headers
5. Dimension of Content material
6. Anchor Textual content
7. Inside Hyperlinks
8. Exterior Hyperlinks
9. Picture Identify & ALT
10. Promote the Web page

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  1. I think my "relation" with you is a love-hate relation LOL I love you for your shared here knowledge and I simultaneously hate you coz while watching your tutorials I have to stop doing it, go to my website, do corrections, corrections, corrections, I do it every two or three minutes while watching your videos, and then get back here to start watching so I can (in about next 45 sec) get back to my website to do another correction/adjustments LOL

  2. Hey Chris, yet another great video as always!

    For people who are looking to start a web design business or SEO agency where the competition is extremely high, how can they rank higher than them? And will they be able to get their first few clients despite not having evidence that they can rank high themselves?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. AMAZING AS ALWAYS! Have you been working out or something? You seem way more energetic the last few videos

  4. It might be a cool video idea to do exactly what you said at the end, review (submitted) websites on their SEO quality. Great Video!

  5. I have been watching all the SEO videos in this channel and this particular one just made me realize how empty my website is. Thank You So Much Chris!

  6. Part 2 is even better than part 1!!!
    Great job, Chris! I can't wait for SEO part 3.

  7. THE Dummies thank you chris, you are a gem!!

  8. Hi Chris, I just launched my potfolio website https://www.calsbusworld.co.za for my digital marketing agency. Could you please review it and tell me if they're anything I can change or add on to it. Thank you.

  9. And another great video…really loved it.

  10. Oh wow! Didn't expect you to put a #2 SEO for dummies in such a short time. You're truly passionate about this. Thanks for the upload Chris. 💯

  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! SEO is the biggest thing that I struggle with! You are awesome!

  12. Also another question: what you do daily for getting so energetic and fitness. Because I realized you are making videos when day off, all stuff went for home. Maybe I am wrong. Just wonder give some fitness tips. I work almost 7-8 hrs and end of day zero energy and just go for sleep. By the way, I don't have office, I work from home and manage everything as a virtual office now.

  13. Thanks, I was going to ask you one video for Chek list before delivering a website to the client.
    this is only an SEO checklist. please make another video for quality checking and final checklist including bug report etc.

  14. Beast! what a helpful video. thank you!

  15. started following you a little while ago Chris. I feel like I’ve found a hidden Gem 😂 thank you bro 🙏🏽🚀

  16. I got ingredients now need recipe 😋

  17. Thank you Chris again I appreciate the valuable content have a great day further and looking forward to your next video

  18. Your 10 SEO Commandments 🙏🏻💻🙏🏻 lol

  19. What is your avg conversion rate traffic>leads?

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