How Does The 2020 Instagram Algorithm Select Posts To Go Viral?

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how one can go viral on instagram

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  1. Funny how everyones hating on instagram and saying its not worth it anymore,$hhhhh They dont want you to Grow theres just saying that cause your the Real Competition✔💯 Did i spell the beans📴😂

  2. How about work on your real world skills

  3. This is a great video! Thanks for all the tips!!

  4. With the new Instagram algorithm you have all your actions blocked. Even more limited if you are new. For example if you exceed 60 FOLLOW per hour you are blocked. While Instagram offers you accounts to follow elsewhere, always mm, eh … And then you get stuck for the first time and afterwards they'll do it all the time as soon as you comment on like 5 photos. And they are careful not to tell us about any changes, of course. The
    In short their is to frustrate you, to send you back to a place of little shit to the point of being desperate and to pay for their advertising to make you known and not to protect their community. Less freedom on Instagram while everyone knows that to make yourself known on this network and to be seen in this infinite mass of accounts you have to like, comment, follow etc!
    Welcome to 2020 or Instagram just wants your money and enrich the richest! This network is like the president of their country and Kim Kardashian. It is harmful and leaves room only for the richest and most famous. You little sheep of the people you follow their gods, you love and envy their lives and above all you buy their products well and you pay well for their advertising to hope you get noticed. The Promised Land is dead guys!
    There is only to observe the accounts put forward or proposed by the network. And the growing number of advertisements that swarm all the time goes into our news feel and our story. You must have also observed that since 2019 your account generates bcp less like ben it's normal our friends from Instagram prefer to flood our feels with shit ads rather than giving us the freedom to see the posts of the accounts that we follow and that sometimes we know hard to find! But it’s great Facebook tt spitting that are killing Instagram that was so awesome before! The thing they did not understand is that people are not fooled and gradually go to the deserted like Facebook which belongs to more than 40 years.

    To have tested their ad it's cat pee and money thrown out the window and believe me I have attractive and neat visual content.
    But now Instagram is over for people who want to show off and share their work. The Promised Land is dead guys!
    When will a new image network be much more respectable for its users than the latter.
    A virgin land to conquer. This is the moment where never to compete with this network which tires us all!

  5. All about that low effort life. L-O-L

  6. "bE yOuRself aNd bE aUtHentic"

  7. Don't you and people understand why people like Billie Eilish or Emma Chamberlain get so many likes with simple, "dumb" photos? Bc they're already fans of these people and ANYTHING they do, especially when it's fashion is interesting. To you, a style post is dumb and somehow pictures need more effort but people don't like it when something is so staged. Like your content.

  8. Great info! To be honest, I love using SMM EMPIRE to receive free followers on IG! I'm not joking- I challenge you to look for SMM EMPIRE on Google or Youtube & grow your Instagram page free 😉

  9. i think honestly Instagram is becoming like Facebook was a few years ago as people are getting bored with it, and switching to Tik Tok. Facebook is currently like MySpace was a couple years after Facebook took off, and I think in a few years Instagram will just be another MySpace, and Tik Tok will be like Instagram was before they changed the algorithm. Then in a few years Tik Tok will start fading out, and some other social media platform will have its 15 minutes of fame. I don't think social media will ever cease to exist, but I do think there will never be another platform like Facebook that is King for over a decade. I think from now on itll just be platforms being on the underground, then spotlight, then start to fade out as another one takes over. its that way in every industry.

  10. Thanks for the info ❤️
    I really appreciate your hardwork

  11. I'm stuck at 19.6 since forever, if this helps me get to 20k I swear I'll send you a present

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  13. Alright guys a lot of you have given up on instagram because the algorithm changes every second or maybe instagram just don’t want you to succeed.

    So I’ve come with and idea that can get all off us just a few more followers that we need to boost our instagram pages.

    So first dm me my Instagram is @kiseki.tu ❤️and I will shout you out for a 3 days! and you do the same for me oR

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  14. Looking at your instagram account and the number of likes there is an obvious correlation with the pictures you are sexy on it and the number of likes. That's the reality. They are girls with millions of followers and likes just because they are super sexy and exhibit their body, playing with the censored limit of instagram and that's a sad reality. Fortunately some talented people on photography have a recognition, but not all of them and not as much as those girls. Also people reproducing (more or less successfully) the instragram trend pictures on the choosen category they target, get much more likes and followers rather than more talented and creative people.

  15. Be crazy and random like Billie Eilish, Ok.

    Smart tip, STOP using filters on your face, people like your real face more

    I honestly do believe just being your natural, weird self works best on all social media. I was afraid to be myself and do and say dumb things in fear of judgement, posting it for the hell of it, only to find out it was successful and several other people relate to me. It honestly boosted my self esteem to go and post me just doing what I do on a daily basis instead of trying to be a fake perfect.

    I was quite shocked looking at my engagement on my makeup-less, lazy everyday look, I posted a pic of me with no makeup at work, captioning how I was annoyed over the whole fortnite minty code thing because people wouldn't stop asking when it got leaked. It's my highest performing post besides a post talking emo bands.

    I used to post photos with filters or a lot of makeup and the post likes were always the same with no comments, I started to post photos with no makeup and no filters and somehow I started to get more likes and actually getting comments on my posts. Thinking about things from my point of view, I myself ignore posts with filters, I tend to like and comment on natural posts.

  16. The only working website that worked for me personally and gives me free likes and followers is SMM EMPIRE, just google it – But, I tested many different websites too but none of those really work just like SMM EMPIRE haha

  17. Thank you for this! I've been trying to focus more on being true to myself and not a copy of what several other fashion bloggers are doing. My niche is super saturated and I have never wanted to blend in. I'm definitely going into 2020 with a different mindset and just trying to create images that are more unique, fun-looking, and creative overall!

  18. Anyone still on the 2019 version?

  19. I was getting 2k-4K likes per post like 2 weeks ago, DIDNT change anything and now I’m getting 1k-2k likes per post. Makes no sense

  20. omg thank you so so much I needed this I know that insta changes their algorithm. a lot. so a fresh video is supeeeer helpful.

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  22. Do you have like tips for fanpages? And your video's are so good and clearly. I LOVE IT!!

  23. Good advice🙏
    Payakap nmn diyan mga ka-friends ❤️

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  25. Hello what is the name the camera? Plz share

  26. 2020 we yotubers are going to rock 😉 like if you believe you can 💟 I'm social media related yotuber 🙂

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