7 Keys to YouTube Success

Uncover 7 keys to YouTube success for anybody trying to create a channel that educates its viewers. Whether or not you’re a actual property agent, actual property investor, insurance coverage agent, or every other enterprise that requires educating your prospects for them to make the very best selections, a YouTube channel might be very useful for you. This coaching gives you the instruments and methods to construct an excellent channel.
In a vertical as niched as actual property investing, over the previous 10 years, this channel has gathered practically 80 million views and on this video, you will uncover the secrets and techniques behind how that was executed. Though you will need to watch the video to grasp what every of those keys actually imply, this is a abstract of them:
Key # 1: Unchanging Objective
Key # 2: Know Your Topic
Key # 3: High quality Over Amount
Key # 4: “Tremendous Wine” Content material
Key # 5: Authentic Content material
Key # 6: Be Partaking
Key # 7: Know Your Viewers


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  1. Very true. Doesn't matter what your profession is. Be real.

  2. Hi Phil.
    I’m trying to figure out how to get a house I am purchasing appraised without the appraiser knowing the purchase price. Any thoughts?

  3. yup your channel is the best on real estate!

  4. Great video Phil! I watch a lot of your videos. You are truly providing value for the marketplace. This week, I placed an offer on my first rental home. It's going to be a fun ride. Do you golf? I'd love to play a round with you. Keep it up, brother!

  5. Social media is the most effective marketing tool of 2019

  6. Phil, so glad you're still putting out content. Please do financial management and investment videos too!

  7. as a content creator this video was helpful 💪🌚

  8. Congratulations Mr. Phil on your youtube channel. You are a man with integrity and much knowledge in the real estate business. God Bless you and keep up the good work.

  9. Great tips Phil! I just started my channel to help people get started in Real Estate Investing and this is great for someone like me! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow amazing, original content is amazing

  11. Thanks Phil.
    Maybe update all your videos to have a small "please subscribe" thing in the corner?

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