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LIFE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR | EP. three How To Begin A Profitable Enterprise With NO Cash!✅

My Magnificence Retailer💕:

Be taught How To Begin Your Personal Profitable On-line Enterprise💕:

Generate Gross sales & Limitless Site visitors To Your Small Enterprise💕:


the best way to begin a profitable enterprise

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  1. Thanks for sharing so true everyone's journey is different appreciate you sharing yours with us. And congrats on your business. I have a marketing and design business. Cheers to our businesses thriving in 2020!

  2. Is that Kennedy in the thumbnail 😂😂

  3. siss make a vid how you put your link and websites for people to order online im struggling with that alot 😭🤦🏻‍♀️i will really appreciate it ❤️❤️

  4. I just bought one of your ebooks 😊

  5. Lol I’m just watching your video like i can tell she from Baltimore 😂

  6. Can I Get A Loan To Start A Business.

  7. Congratulations Sis on your successful business!! 🔥🙌👏💯 New subbie 👋 sis bosswoman

  8. Sis your on the right track PERIOD no matter if its hair, makeup or glasses it's your own business in if you want you can sell both i know i am in tbh your one of BOSSES that pushes me so just know an up becoming ENTREPRENEUR from south fl is checking in loving your videos TRUST

  9. Girl, your channel is so underrated you should have so many more subscribers!

    Edit: I’d love to start a business because I’d love something to be proud of doing and that I’d enjoy but I’m only 13.. 😒 I mean at least I’ve got time right?

  10. Thank you for the tips❤you should have way more subscribers!

  11. Swear , I’ve been trying to stay on track with Entrepreneur Tips …. you’ve really inspired me to start my episodes on my channel ✨

  12. I’m firstt!! Btw I loved the vid!
    4 likes and 0 views?! That’s wackk

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