Tips on how to Go VIRAL on TikTok — Three Ideas

Jade Darmawangsa shares Three recommendations on easy methods to go viral on TikTok and develop! ****** ❌ Want extra VIEWS on YouTube? Study the 21 frequent YouTube errors that may very well be hurting your development on this video 👉

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Jade Darmawangsa shares recommendations on easy methods to develop and get well-known on TikTok.


easy methods to go viral on youtube

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  1. Well if they aren't getting ad money how can you get monetized on TikTok? Thanks.

  2. A lot of great points she made. Especially appreciate the one about monetization potentially in the future.

  3. I agree that it sounds like ADD, Benji. It also doesn’t sound sustainable for creators. It will be interesting to hear about it over time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Keep posting Tiktok content!! Really looking to shift my content over to Tiktok soon, this video was really helpful 🙃

  5. I am now in Love with TikTok 🥰🌸

  6. Apparently Tik Tok gives big creators an advisor to help them out and apparently one of them said that hashtags have a minuscule effect. I’ve tested this myself by not using hashtags anymore and my views still stayed consistently between 750-2500

  7. 2 Rules For TicTok Success: 1) Be Attractive 2) Don’t forget Rule #1

  8. Your open mouth tongue in check thumbnail is literally trash

  9. It helps if your a girl. TikTok is favorable to the ladies. TikTok is the new tender. Lol

  10. Thanks Jade for adding value o the influencers community. Appreciate you!

  11. All good points on this video. However, the last talking point of "how long it is going to last" I feel is wrong. Most creators on TikTok aren't looking to monetize their content, in my opinion. On the other hand, brand deals here can be more authentic and mutually beneficial for brands and creators. It has staying power, I feel.

  12. I've been on TikTok for about 1 1/2 months now. Growing like crazy. People are loving what I do there. I have to say, for some, it's hard getting ppl to flow from TT over the YouTube. But I'm doing it. I'm NOT pushing my channel on TT at all. I never wanted to really do that. TT is its own thing and I want to create for the platform. TT ppl that are devoted to TT aren't going to leave. BUT in my situation I've been so blessed with almost 300 new YouTube subscribers flowing from TT. in a little over a month. They want more and longer of my music, which is what I do.Everything is up up up on my YT because of TT. Views, subs, watch time. Yay! If you want to get going on TT I totally agree! Do it now! And do it with thought. And even a bit of strategy. I have my own strategy for TT and it's working for me. And I'm LOVING creating vids for TT. what entertainment can I fit within 60 secs? It is challenging and FUN! Also, you CAN create a community there! Like here on YouTUbe. Doing the same thing you do for you YT channel. Create good content, interact with your followers, answer comments, let them know you care about them and are thankful they are watching your vids. Thanks for having Jade on. I hadn't heard of her but I love finding other musicians on TT. 👍🏻

  13. Sucks that we have to be superficial in order for us to get us small creators to get noticed.

  14. There’s other much more important things in my life than stupid tik tok…. y’all gonna get depressed trying so hard for views smh

  15. Tik tok is one of the best tools you can use, to show your YouTube channel

  16. This is really helpful because my band was just talking about utilizing tik tok. Thank you very much!

  17. Tik tok is SOOOO random in my op. Not sure how or what to use it for. Unless comedy maybe

  18. If the Chinese government didn't have influence on TikTok, I would be on board!

  19. Tip 4, put your foot in the toilet

  20. Tik Tok is a great app. Love the way it keeps things really light and fluffy! Instagram and TikTok are def great tools to reach an audience. Great tips here!

  21. I'm really trying to get a hold on as many of these platforms as possible. Videos such as these are helping me improve on both my YouTube channel and my TikTok account.

  22. That true Ive been you youtube for over a year and it seems so hard to grow my channel 🤦🏾but Im still working on it🤷🏾💜💙❤💚

  23. TikTok is owned by a Chinese Beijing-based company founded in 2012 (Wikipedia). Security risk ???

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