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How To Get TikTok Well-known P3/4 | Make Your Music Go Viral On TikTok

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the right way to go viral on soundcloud

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  2. What if you're a DJ…could it work??

  3. Your videos are sick. I need to get my beats on Tik Tok

  4. The link to the TikTok campaign is invalid and when is part 4 dropping?

  5. Hey man how do u decide what part of ur song you can use on tiktok???

  6. This is great I've been thinking of using parts of my songs to feature on tiktok can't wait to try these new strategies when my next album comes out later this year!

  7. You ddnt give us wat we want u should have showed us how to put music in tiktok

  8. I will experiment with tiktok and see what happens. Never really got into it.

  9. You should do an episode with sharodcantsing… I think that'll be crazy insightful

  10. ❤️ God bless you ⚡️🙌🏼

  11. I so love that "because I SIGNED MYSELF" fills me up every time, and makes me push for myself! Thanks Brandman 🌻

  12. This is a dope series, thanks so much

  13. check my youtube i got fire songs out here bruh

  14. 2:50 this part right here is so good. I’ve been touring around a bunch of middle and high schools and I have a hard following of teenagers but trying to figure out how to balance that by doing shows that will attract older people who pay money for tickets. When I did my first headlining show in Detroit I sold about 150 tickets in a 120 capacity building, I was shocked because the demographic was more young adults and adults but my music is more high energy and attracts a lot of teenagers. Would love to see you talk more about this.

  15. @brandman thanks for creating real advice and real content bro. Love it keep it up.

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