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How A lot YouTube Paid Me | yearly, 100okay views, 1M views (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I wished to share how a lot YouTube pays me for 100okay views, 1 Million views, how a lot I’ve revamped my years as a YouTuber, AND how one can increase YOUR Adsense Income!
I’m by NO MEANS making an attempt to brag or complain about how a lot I make. I’m after all very grateful I get to do that for a job!! Nevertheless, I wished to make clear how a lot I’m truly making for the hundreds of hours I’ve poured into my channel through the years. Hopefully this evokes you to know and perceive your income streams and make the most of YouTube Adsense to your channel!
Shelby Church’s video:
Natalie Barbu’s video:

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Hey! I am Hannah Ashton and it’s my objective to encourage and assist different pupil entrepreneurs to realize their desires and life objectives!


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I N S T A G R A M: @misshannahashton
What’s your digicam? Canon EOS 70D + sigma 30mm lens
What do you edit with? Ultimate Minimize Professional X
How previous are you? 19
What Faculty do you go to? Belmont College
Whats your main? Entrepreneurship

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Disclaimer: This video just isn’t sponsored. 🙂


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  1. hair is a bit crazy LOL but I was so nervous to film & post this I didn't know if I could film it again if I redid it haha! But, as I said in the video, hopefully this inspires you to know and understand your revenue streams and utilize YouTube Adsense for your channel!! Let me know your thoughts below… let's make money not a taboo subject (especially among women)!

  2. I don't use copyrighted music on my videos. I use no copyright music which is free music. My channel is not monitorized. I haven't hit that 1000 subs. I'm almost there.

  3. This video was super helpful! Fellow Nash student, thanks for this vid!

  4. They are robbing you. I was making $200-$300 every month from 30k-40k views. And I was under an MCN which took a 10% cut.

    There’s no way this is accurate as I know people who make a living off of youtube and only get 500k-1M views a month.

  5. Thank you for putting this on. I googled 100k YouTube views payment and this popped up. Thanks for your honesty. I really wanted to. Know the honest truth. I am a real subscriber 😀 (ok I wrote and subscribed hannah, I’ll get paid now right?)

  6. thanks for the transparency and sharing the info with all of us,
    i am a new YouTuber, come on guyz lets support each other ❤️, subscribe my channel and reply here.

  7. One day you will be an awesome huge YouTuber. p.s. I love youuuu ❤️❤️ your the best youtuber

  8. This was so fascinating especially hearing how much you lost. I added your video to my playlist about how much youtube pays because I feel like yours is one of the most honest about how much you've made AND how you've struggled. It's crazy how YouTube can make you a lot of money on certain videos you don't expect. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love your business videos and girl boss videos. Those are my favoritw videos on your channel. I feel like that is a big oart of your brand. I'm glad your not willing to compromise who you are. 😊💕

  10. Wow you did amazing! I can only dream! LOL

  11. Thank you for those tips! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I have a channel of short goofy devotionals about finding our identity in God. I am thinking about trying to do it add free. Do you think promoting products or selling my own products/brand would be profitable?? Thanks!😁

  12. Great video! Thanks for being so open and honest about this. It’s really good to know what to expect as I continue to grow my channel.

  13. About the fact that you get less views than you could given your amount of subscribers: I don't know about others, but for me, I've actually been following you since the very first video on this channel! I loved your content – old school youtube videos like hauls, unboxings and routines, but also everything about beauty, faith, decor, even some diys, cleaning/organizing, vlogs etc. But I'm not the least bit interested about creating or growing a business, or how to be a businesswoman or anything like that- it's just not relatable for my lifestyle at all, but I still follow you to watch the other videos you make. I'm actually really happy for you that you found your passion, I don't mean to sound like doing business videos is a bad thing! It's great! Just not my personal interest and not the type of content I followed in the first place. I just thought I'd explain 🙂

  14. College videos are my fav because I'm from Brazil and here we have a different way to get in college, so i'm trying to aplly for about 2 years and yr videos keep me motivated because this is the life that I want to have. I still like to watch others topics, so just explaining why, for me at least, this content is my favorite to see. I know it's not exatcly relate to what you are speaking in this video but you mentioned this. Wish you the best!!!

  15. Really helpful and interesting info!! Thanks for sharing!❤️

  16. Thanks for sharing! Right now I’m only making about $30 a month lol hopefully I get to increase it more and reach the success you’ve had!

  17. thanks for sharing and being so transparent💗💗You definitely motivate me as a small healthy lifestyle youtuber 😘😘

  18. This was such an informative video Hannah and I loved your honesty! ☺️ But I always thought youtubers are not allowed to talk about their revenue (by contract) or else they get demonetized? Or did they change that?

  19. thousand = mille in French, that's why it's called CPM

  20. As a small YouTuber, I find this SO HELPFUL!❤️ I have a baking channel too with 72K subs and I started this channel too. Thanks for the tips!!!🥰
    P.S. I absolutely love your authenticity. It is really refreshing. 🙂

  21. This was very helpful and informative. Thank you so much, Hannah! x

  22. This is so interesting! I don't make YouTube videos myself (I might want to start but it depends on if I'm gonna have time for that) but I still really like this type of a video 🙂

  23. Girl yes!! Thank you for sharing this video with us! I’m thisclose to monetization and seeing thee videos helps me have a realistic perspective of how much I can make on Youtube-Adsense.

  24. I wish we could all team up and watch the ad on one of your videos to see how much revenue that video would produce 🤨 like an experiment.

  25. I'm waiting for a video about your online shop how it is the process and how you are dealing with amazon if you're ?

  26. Ohh thanks for sharing this! To be honest It is lower than I thought (except the 1M videos)😂 But I like that you enjoy what you’re doing without caring too much about money! Keep up the good work ♥️♥️♥️ From your one authentic subscriber 😊

  27. youre so beautiful and raw!! appreciate you so much hannah. ❤️

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