Right here’s easy methods to really go viral on TikTok

The best way to blow up on Tik Tok in two simple steps!


easy methods to go viral on tiktok

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  1. 2:25 literally record a 60 second video of you eating soup while staring into the camera

  2. Yes I posted hairstyles on my tiktok n they went more viral than my dancing

  3. with that Motorola, you basically filming selfie with the main camera, ingenious. No other phone can do that.

  4. You left off the most important factor be a hot chick! 😂

  5. did u make any money of those 10mil views

  6. darraghkakid follow me I'm Irish 🙂

  7. Forgot going viral im stuck on 0 views always on my 2nd account tik tok is broken

  8. Are you sure about new ideas? I'm doing really creative videos with nothing at my hand, but I have an absolute minimum views. You can check yourself at @blogomatka. No shill, just facts =/ P. S. I feel like I won't get viral, because I'm not into animal abuse, boobs, asses, horrible jokes and dangerous stuff videos.

  9. Y’all just be original I wasn’t blowing up and almost gave up and now I get 10.5k and 20.k a lot TikTok @nfl.rankings.23

  10. you guys should follow my tiktok hehe @acidaddict17

  11. Help me please, I make great transition video but I'm not that popular, help me become more famous pls btw my name on tiktok is creamy

  12. u basically r just flexing ur money

  13. i do all of those things and haven’t got viral check 😉 user: @delfiil

  14. after making a couple new accounts and nothing happened finally one account works. no matter when i upload or what the video is it always gets on the fyp with at least 1k+ views

  15. happy new year! You are INFINITE IN VALUE! AND THANK YOU!

  16. SOMETHING THAT IS NOT ON TIK TOK! and using trending songs with YOUR OWN thing! Don't post on a trend you're already missing it! GREAT VIDEO! LOVE IT! BEST PART: "LIFE'S LIT DON'T QUIT!!!" <3 you!

  17. basically be hella original 😂😂😂

  18. My Youtube friend did just like you. He showed the new galaxy fold and got a lot of views 😀 on tiktok. He's titkok is Roponen if you want to check it out :)!

  19. So what I got from watching this video
    Be RICH!!!!!

  20. “I put a creative spin on the ‘check’ trend”

    does the same thing as all the other check videos

  21. im digging goin viral but its hard af 😭

  22. I had a video get 95k views in 25 hours and 1300+ likes, but all the rest are only a couple thousand. No clue why 😂 i guess maybe it was a "remix"? There was a trend to bippity boppity boo or whatever, where people transform into cool outfits and i did just unwrapping a hair curler 😂

  23. I guess im confused on how that was a remix of it? Everyone has been doing all kinds of topics with the ""fill in the blank" check"…so i don't get it 🤔

  24. Folding phones are new? 🤦‍♂️

  25. So you like posting instagram stories, but in tiktok, right?

  26. Yes recently starting tiktok for my make money online channel here on YT. It's been a little bit of a learning curb as I'm not very "cool" but I'll get there lol!

  27. Can anyone explain why my videos have got 40k +
    But now only gets 0 views

  28. GoodLuck.
    I like it I'm from Pakistan.

  29. man huge love for you , i was so confused how to start now i know where to go

  30. I heard that TikTok is supposed to put your video on a few people’s for you page to start but mine never get that. Am I doing something wrong?

  31. I did a check video

    It said

    “Ayo fake AirPod check”

  32. But you can literally go viral over the dumbest thing 😂 I have over a million views but it’s really the likes that matter. If you don’t have over 100k I just scroll past it…

  33. 1. Hop on trends…the right way (remix trends)
    2. Post content that is not on Tik Tok
    3. Use popular songs
    4. Post consistently – every video you post is another chance
    5. Use relevant hashtags #fyp #foryou #trending #viral plus describe video in a few key words

    Great video! I added you to my TikTok How to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhpPYbnL2bskYFO63lo-SK0rm73rb-DJ

  34. thanks man! you've helped me so much!!!

  35. if i post different videos and disregard trends, how do i pull in views? (hashtags?)

  36. does anyone have ny ideas to go viral for me… #notthatcreative

  37. Why can’t I make my own audios? It always says that nobody else can use because of copyright

  38. I refuse to be interested in Tik Tok due to its ties to the Chinese government.

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