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Google Maps and Native search engine optimisation for Newbies – Episode 1

Bear in mind the identify, Arizona Connel. I predict he’ll the most important marketer on the web within the subsequent 3-5yrs!

In case you are in search of native search engine optimisation recommendations on Google Maps. Google My Enterprise is the best solution to develop what you are promoting for anybody seeking to do rank their enterprise within the native rankings.

In at the moment’s 1st episode Google Maps and Native search engine optimisation for Newbies I get the glory of educating Arizona an overview on Google Maps.

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  1. Great stuff. Can you share the contract templates ?

  2. God bless America! This is awesome. I've lived abroad for over 10 years in Asia. You don't see brotherly love so often, at least not where I live. I'm new just like Arizona. I found your your channel two days ago, and found this series today. I'm going to binge watch and catch up. Real fast, I've got a friend who "does SEO" and he's just trying to crush this idea for me saying SEO takes 2-3 years to get a good grasp of, but I can't have that negative and toxic-type language around me. Bret, you give off waves of positiveity and I really appreciate it. I've lived abroad because working in the US as a teacher would mean I'd likely be on welfare. I want to get back home to be with my family. This is how to do it and you are just the mentor to help us all! Can't wait for the next episode. Your channel is like Netflix now πŸ˜› . Catch you later, my NY brother!

  3. Bret, this is awesome! Not only do you have the best content, but so much value by letting your viewers like me be part of your mentorship as well. Arizona, I’m rooting for you bro!

  4. Brett that is totally awesome…. that you took the time to help him and us….

  5. Great stuff πŸ‘ˆπŸ“£πŸ“£

  6. Do you have a specific group seo buys link you can recommend?

  7. Hi Brett thanks for your video today it helped me learn something new about GMB I am looking for GS Location Changer under google extensions and Its not showing up can it be under a different name thanks

  8. Excellent video! Sorry if this was answered in the video but how do I verify a gmb for rank and rent. And keep making videos this channel is a gold mine!

  9. Brett great vid once again. Qucik question, hopefully you can respond back to me quickly . I have a GMB (went to gmb rockstars to buy it) , but it’s not a specific address , more of a region in my area (Charlotte NC metro area). The name of the business is called Fab Styles Charlotte.. it’s a salon lead gen type thing… Will this effect me getting to the top ? I was thinking about buying a virtual business location just so i can use that specific address…what should i do ?

  10. Bret, that was a tremendous example of why you have the best local seo information on the internet. I'm just a little younger than you, and I must say your wisdom really resonates with me, and I'm not talking about the Seo knowledge either, which is exceptional. Your unique commentary on family and life is very well said. Only life's experiences can teach oneself to be wise, and it appears that you have experienced a lot. It seems like you have steered Arizona away from Rank and Rent and with good reasons. Reasons that I have never thought of, that's for sure. I would assume that R&R customers would produce less referrals too as it is a less intimate transaction than serving a client where they will get to know and trust you better. You're a good egg Mr. Bret, I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks for all your help!

  11. Bret I knew from the very first video I watched of yours there was something special about this guy with the heavy New York Accent. I've learned some things from you and been to your website numerous times to learn as much as I can from you. I think you have a mentor's heart and you shouldn't forget that. That's probably enough BS I've thrown your way but man keep it up.

  12. Bret is the man to be with Arizona I am telling. He has been my local seo mentor i have learned a lot from Bret just stick with what he teaches you success will be on your way.

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