Suggestions for Success on YouTube – Recommendation from a YouTuber with 60okay Subs

I share my high ideas as a YouTuber with practically 60okay subs. From recommendation on subject choice via to participating along with your viewers, I cowl each side of proudly owning and rising a YouTube channel.

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Previous 5 Suggestions for YouTube Success in 2020


  1. 54….? Did you get enough sleep last night? 🧐 🤔 😂

  2. I love your videos Dr. Jake been watching you for the last year and half. Do you think it's important to have an intro tag line? Sometimes I walk around the house and try to emulate the way you say "hello there," at the beginning of each video.

  3. I'm only halfway through this video so I don't know if you mention it or not, but the No 1 biggest factor to whether one will have success on YouTube is definitely – saving amazingly entertaining/interesting content – personality and/or looks. I've seen so many YouTubers churning out daily videos to no audience, they're probably doing everything "right" in terms of promoting their channel etc, but they just don't have 'it.'

    YouTube is part of the entertainment industry, so if you're fronting your videos, you damn well better make sure you're an engaging presenter, or that you're hot AF, or preferably: both. If you're not hot, or engaging, you better make sure what you're talking about is extremely interesting, or that your content is very helpful.

    This may seem like I'm stating the obvious, but I do feel like this is the elephant in the room when it comes to channel advice. Not many people talk about it, but so long as you tick some or all of the aforementioned boxes, you can film your videos on a potato while sat squeezing one out on the toilet, putting out 1 video every 7th new moon and you'll still get views/subs.

  4. Nice tips for success! Thanks for sharing!

  5. :/ less than 60k and it's been said… 54 weeks….

  6. Thanks for helping me do better on my channel

  7. Completely agree with your points! It's all about finding your passion, and talking about that. That passion will show and people will be interested, and you'll attract others with those interests. At the end of the day, you just have to enjoy it.

  8. Thank you for the tips, I like the idea of being a version of yourself, it's not fake but it keeps people engaged 🙂 love your honest opinions, I'm just starting off but very shy Infront of the camera

  9. Thanks for the advice, so here's a comment to help you along a bit more with your stats!!!!

  10. You should use 'Rapidtags' it's free and very good

  11. Best editor/reviewer you can have is another uploader. I have a friend that uploads and we are really harsh with each other, it improves our videos greatly. Although we both get few views and subs.
    Jake, I am on the third ad already at half way through. Bit excessive? No wrong it was toward the end.
    We don't upload frequently enough and we are well aware of it. I am approaching a thousand subs and to be honest with the views I am getting it is hardly worth the effort of making a video. I have been uploading videos of parts I make in a cnc lathe, but now I have retired I will struggle for content to make a video. So all in all, pretty much a waste of time for me. Fortunately, I do not compare my lack of success with the success of others, so I don't give myself a hard time over it. Used to, but gave that up as it was not good for me. Enjoy watching your videos, and I am pleased with your well deserved success.
    For God's sake sort that power outlet. LOL

  12. YouTube experts agree there are no such thing as YouTube experts.

  13. I too upload whatever I am working on at the time as well. But I get some subscribers that give criticism and advice at times. I always listen, try to see how I can implement what they say and I always thank them for their advice. They took the time to write something and try to help me and I always appreciate that as you said. Keep up the great videos. I really enjoy them.

  14. I try to focus on Disney and Disneyland videos, however like you said, sometimes I do whatever.

  15. I agree with a lot of this, especially the audience engagement parts. Don't obsess over 'success on youtube' would be my tip. Make content and try to keep improving.

  16. 54 weeks? You may need to take a day of holiday. Informative video thank you.

  17. Dr jake works two weeks extra a year to the rest of us…unless it's holiday 😂😂 365 days per year jake unless a leap year 😉

  18. I have a question you may be able to answer for me. The most viewed video on YouTube is a preaching 6.5 BILLION views. I think it’s in about two years. I may be wrong on the time span.

    The person has 23million subscribers.

    How on earth would he get that many views? Almost every person on the earth, if each was to watch.

    And out of interest what sort of revenue would that generate. I’m having problems getting my head around it. In particular, it being a Spanish music video.

  19. I agree… the watch time +click through = impressions is not 100% true. I have many videos with higher watch time & click through than better performing ones, that have been 'switched' off after 24/48hrs… makes no sense! Youtube decides when, what and who it promotes…. 👎

  20. Make 7 video's at the weekend and then post them everyday 😉

  21. Dr Jake could you and your girlfriend do another p*** take video like the bike one to the leisure centre, it made me laugh, love you bye xx

  22. Thanks Jake, that was good. I enjoy watching and listening to you on any topic you care to share.

  23. Cheers for making this video. big help.

  24. "A happy YouTuber is a good YouTuber"… you have to create content that you like to do. The negative/positive body language will show at some point.

    I only glanced at the video because I have no intention of making a (in)famous YouTube channel but I do like a mug of coffee with Jake's calm Saturday talk/vlog (despite it's Sunday today). Have a fabulous Sunday, Jake and GF (and you viewers too)!

  25. Just an observation I find 15 minutes too long, try cutting it to 10 mins max

  26. And I am not happy about your cable management behind you! haha

  27. Just gonna join in on the generic "54 weeks??" comments 🙂

  28. you sly fox Dr Jake. I was waiting for you last tip to be to "make a deliberate mistake so that people will comment on your videos". 54 weeks in a year!!! genius!!

  29. I do videos about repairs and electronics related information, so although I do a range of subjects, it is all related, growth has been slower than I would like, and recently (after July) it actually dropped by around 40% ! so frustrating to see it going backwards, especially after putting in the effort to do nearly 700 videos so far in the few years I've been doing this damn youtube thing.

  30. Ironically, you mispronounced 'pronunciation'.

  31. So many people in the comments with small channels and I am no exception. I think we watch these videos to gain some sort of edge but when the algorithm is ever changing and views can be high one minute and then stop, it can be disheartening. One fellow uploaded a video a day for three years and doesn't yet have 1000 subscribers. That's an awful lot of heart and soul for no financial return. For me, I love that I can use YouTube to store all my content for free even if very few are watching. I have a goal, hopefully to come to fruition in a couple of years so videos like these, when my channel is small and dumb mistakes don't matter so much, are invaluable. Love your videos Jake….. Keep 'Em coming.

  32. “You’re friends will say that its really good”

    You and I have different kinds of friends…..

  33. Always a pleasure to watch you sir 👍🏻💖

  34. I thought for sure you'd change into a yellow shirt VIA a jump cut to see if we are paying attention. I'm on day 459 of daily YouTube releases and the algorithm still isn't kind. I'm within reach of the coveted 500 uploads.

    I actually find your videos entertaining, no matter what the topic. They are like a warm stew, very inviting and satisfying.

  35. You lost me at 54 weeks…

    Only joking, thanks for the tips

  36. Honestly I wanted to do a responce video to your FAKE LEGO vids because I disagreed with what you said on sevraul points, but I haven't done it yet because I don't want to pee you off lol. I think your a decent Guy but I have alot of Lego and clone brands and know my stuff. Lastly putting that vid on my tin foil hat channel might not fit. 🙃

  37. Tips? Just keep being adorable you precious boy. 😇 Said mother from the kitchen. (I think that phrase was an old Eric Morecambe joke.) My I'm feeling very Olympic today, er I mean British. 😂

  38. Hi, 52 weeks in a year. Not 54. Did u do that on purpose so we would comment/correct u? Lol. Good on ya mate.

  39. Very good advice as well as commonsense.
    I'd like to see a video on how you created a spa like bedroom with separate office! 😂
    It would be interesting to see a before and after of your apartment now your parents have "slung their hook". (Couldn't help using that phrase. I just had an attack of ye olde English I used to speak before I became Americanized!) 😟

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