Cease Promoting Search Engine Optimization Providers and Packages

When you ever really feel like promoting search engine marketing providers is a waste of time lately, that is as a result of they 100% are. If you wish to actually incorporate an natural search engine marketing technique, it’s good to concentrate on the person over the search engine. However how do you do that? Authority hacking.

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  1. How isn't google cracking down on this.. Isn't this cheating the system? Sorta like fake user engagement or am I confused af 😂

  2. Isn’t this exactly what inbound marketing is lol

  3. what happen to your video "How much authority can we build to one page in a day?" wasn't able to watch it

  4. Am I the only one that notices how much you contradict yourself…… "Keyword research is dumb "……1 week later….. "Here's how to do keyword research, I don't use tools, their a scam, but here's this keyword cloud generator tool"

    Lmao. Make up your mind.

  5. Looking at your numbers you got something wrong, as you're saying you'd get more options from YouTube than from organic. First, it's not true although the final numbers say so, since you need to look at the percentage rather than the fixed number. More traffic via Youtube than organic in your case but a worse CR… or did I miss something there? That said, building authority is crucial still!

  6. You still need to build up substantial organic traffic, don't you?

  7. Great content chase. Thanks for your value.

  8. I have been following you for awhile now, and have learned basically everything from you, and I have felt this way for awhile now ( out of services to continue selling my clients, after SEO is done ) super glad you are tackling this issue now. Thanks for the awesome content as always!

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