HOW TO USE KEYWORDS ON YOUTUBE: How I discover my key phrases on YouTube & use them to rank in search

Ever marvel use key phrases on YouTube to rank increased in search? Immediately I need to share precisely how I carry out key phrase analysis on YouTube and the place to place key phrases to higher your YouTube search engine marketing. So I am bringing you behind the scenes on my newest YouTube video to stroll you thru the precise steps that I observe in the case of YouTube key phrases together with tag YouTube movies, the place you place key phrases in your description, and write a correct YouTube video title!


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  1. Have you ever used VidIQ? I'm curious what your thoughts are. I just made the switch and I actually like it more than TubeBuddy.

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  9. The disclaimer for turning on TubeBuddy is kind of scary:
    "This will allow TubeBuddy to:

    See, edit, and permanently delete your YouTube videos, ratings, comments and captions"

  10. You are amazing! Love how you always perfectly combine useful information with a cute personality, life, thoughts and bloopers! ❤️ from Ukraine

  11. How to grow on YouTube –
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  12. With ALL due respect the audio on this video is S#!T. Get a good audio recorder / mic setup. I'm going to launch my YT channels soon maybe I offer you advice on A/V and you help me with SEO. Your videos are very very good otherwise. Cheers.

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  24. Can you explain why you used the keywords that have a low search volume like u did with "youtube revenue analytics explained 2019"? Would appreciate the insight. Everything I've heard elsewhere says to use keywords that Do have a high search volume

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