website positioning: Actuality vs Expectations (four Myths About website positioning in 2019)

We go over what’s true and what’s blatantly false about website positioning & internet online affiliate marketing. Need to get a job in website positioning? Attempt our free mini-course:

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  1. Want to get a job in SEO? Try our free mini-course: https://engineeredtruth.com/GetASEOJob

    Do ya think we're fake gurus? Check out our playlist of testimonials:

  2. U r more than cool;
    U r great young man

  3. Hi Matt. I want to work as a Digital Marketer Freelancer. Is Seth's course suitable for working in VietNam?

  4. Does Seth teach all of this in his course?

  5. Hi guys when I left high school every one was going off to university to do engineering and other "good jobs" before leaving I read something it was "I looked where everyone was going and went the other direction" he was a plumber I'm now 20 and finished my apprenticeship for being an electrician im now self employed and make 130,000 a year I can choose when I work and what work I take on there is a HUGE lack of skilled trades If u get a trade you will have more work than you could ever do as I've heard people coming out of university struggling to find work I love what I do being able to help people and solve their problems best decision I've made.

  6. You explained everything very well, but this to me is side language and I didn’t understand shit …. I will continue to watch ur content to hopefully open my mind about this topic

  7. You genuinely want to help people. Thank you Matt for the video!

  8. This has been my weakest area in Digital Marketing. I read blogs but it is consistently changing. And trying to find a mentor who knows there seo is tough.

  9. This is a must-see video for Beginner People doing SEO

  10. Very Good, Best summary I"ve heard and just what I've attempted to convey to others for a few years, just before I get 'Goat eyes' or an argument.

  11. You've completely changed my perspective. You've taught me that I have to re-invest my money eventually in other web properties. I'm starting an SEO agency in 3-6 months actually and I'm partnering with a white label provider who promises results in 60-90 days or your money back. I think I'll be pretty successful and be actually be able to reach 60,000$/month, but again, I think I'll need to diversify my portfolio while I build that agency. Thanks for the video, really appreciate it!

  12. Can i do a bad joke ? You are Sins of engineering!

  13. People are saying that SEO is dead because it’s difficult to get ranking today, especially for a new website. There are 1,7 billion websites that want to get organic traffic. However, Google can’t rank all of them, even a small percent of them. According to Ahrefs study, 91% of all websites have no organic traffic and only 0,3% of all websites have more than 1,001 visitors a month. That means big websites have occupied almost the TOP-10. Wherein SEO is not dead! According to Moz, Spartoro and a bunch of other studies organic traffic is 3,5 times more than paid traffic. Advertisers only set up Google Ads where they have commercial intent because PPC is extremely competitive. Today, you can earn on PPC if you have a strong brand recognition and high-quality content, vise versa you’ll pay in 10 times for lead than recognizable brands. At that point, SEO is more attractive. The main problems with new websites that they want to sell their products from scratch. You can’t do it. It’s not only about a sandbox period. According to Brian Dean study, at average the length of pages on the TOP-10 is 1,890 words. This length is suitable with blog content. For new websites it’s important to promote informational content by using content marketing. It’s better to forget about traffic and sales before you get a loyal audience. Then you can start to monetize it.

  14. Hmmm…sounds pretty complicated, no wonder people outsource this work.

  15. I m currently doing SEO professionally. Lot of it ended up being content creation & manage editorial teams. If content creation volume is big enough, it can fix alot of the minor technical SEO things. Here is a tip… copy everything thats already working at a company, and start doing it for yourself.

  16. Exactly the kind of video i needed! That it’s from you makes it so much better!

  17. I'm about to get my degree in mechanical engineering. Why haven't you made a video yet on how much of a waste of time it is?

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