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Rating: High 10 Widespread Web sites (1998 – 2019)

This can be a listing of the preferred web sites worldwide in response to the primary 10 web sites listed within the international “High Websites” lists revealed by Alexa Web, as of August 23, 2019, and SimilarWeb, as of July 2019, together with its score on the corresponding service.

Worldwide statistics based mostly on web sites visitors measured by month-to-month visits.

Of those prime web sites listed, almost a 3rd are owned by Google and ignoring the worldwide Google web sites, a couple of third are principally based mostly outdoors of the USA.


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  1. Lol I don't know any of these websites

    Except YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Discord, Wikipedia

  2. 4:43 Bắt đầu sự suy tàn của Yahoo. Tụt dốc không phanh. Nhớ cái thời nhìn anh chị mình dùng Yahoo nay còn đâu :v

  3. Google: i will be popular one day
    The other websites: ignores
    2001: hErE i aM
    Google: OMG MY FAVORITE YEAR IS HERE Randomly becomes popular YESSS
    Other websites: we should'ved thinked of a plan years ago ;-;

  4. Gosh…

    The Top 9 and 10 of 2019 are quite interesting =^=

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