Most Fashionable Web sites 1996 – 2019

Timeline of essentially the most visited web sites on the Web from 1996 to 2019. Worldwide statistics primarily based on web sites visitors measured by month-to-month visits.


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Knowledge supply: media benchmark and corporations studies


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  1. What if pornhub was on this…

    Edit: omg it was on this

  2. YES, the fall of Facebook has come finally.

  3. When i saw pornhub making in the list : this put a smile on my face

  4. When Facebook and YouTube start to shrink downwards, towards the end, I feel like it's due to more app usage, and less actually webpage interaction.

  5. Me: *videos ??, What is *videos ??

    "*ornhub peeking"
    Me: Ahh, Gotcha!!

  6. How tf is Amazon not even on there anymore

  7. Only boomers know all the other websites except google

  8. Just see pornhub shoot through the ranks n make it as top website, Would have me dead.

  9. not shocked about google. shocked that pornhub beat out (pun intended) Amazon!

  10. I started getting frustrated in the 2013 section because the Facebook boomers overtook Youtube.
    And they're still at a close #3 because boomers be boomers

  11. Notice how Google has more users than people on Earth…

  12. bro, can u please tell us from where u find this data?
    this is lot of information and it is superb bro and there may be a lot of hard work behind it

  13. Faltaram RedTube, PornHub, Xvideos e variantes

  14. I knew google was gonna likely get crowned but the race between YouTube and Facebook was really something Either one of them could have had it I mean they are all huge even Amazon and eBay and etc this was cool to watch tho

  15. *videos e *ornohub KKKKKKKKKK O mundo tem muito punheteiro, então você aí, não se sinta só! Kkkkkk

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