Trendy Day Search Engine Optimization (search engine marketing) – How To

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That is the kind of hyperlink which factors to associates to earn a living. It labored for slightly bit.

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  1. It's not clear what do you think about Svelte, many of us interested to jump into the Svelte not knowing what would it bring into the SEO required projects. Please shade some light on use of svelte.

  2. WordPress is still the best way to get a website up quick and get a good SEO ranking.

  3. As long as your web page's javascript execution time is less than 18 seconds of real time, Google is indexing all of that dynamic content. Anything past that isn't getting read. However, with Bing you're fucked. They don't crawl/execute javascript at all. The only thing you're able to with Bing is use something like https://prerender.io/ with your website.

  4. Thanks for pointing this out. If you're in the position that I've been in a few times where you've already built the website/app and have an "Oh shit where's my SEO" moment, there are services that will do the pre-rendering for you and take minimal work to implement. I've used prerender.io... I don't endorse them over anyone else… just want to put that out there. You're not necessarily up shit creek.

  5. I would definitely go with a server-side framework. Like Elixir/Phoenix every time! 🤓

    For something with more intense front-end needs, I'd probably still use Phoenix on the backend but also add Vue+Nuxt to the stack.

  6. Can you do a video on how to properly document code, especially if you're a self taught developer?

  7. I personally think Gatsby is the best solution yet to build a static/dynamic product page on a cdn like netlify..I t does a lot of seo itself

  8. awsome video time to get my hands busy

  9. Anyone putting thumbs down has zero experience in this area

  10. use a static sites for the pages you want SEO on

  11. Great video, if someone can't find your site, doesn't really matter how fast it is does it.

  12. Come on guys, you never heard about this downside of these frameworks? There is this thing called SSR (Server-Side-Rendering) that 100% fixes this "little" issue and is configurable in each of them and most of them has frameworks that works on top of them and do the hard work for you like NextJS (based on React), NuxtJS (based on VueJS) and probably there is one for Angular as well. Take a look and you will find that this little issue ain't no reason to ditch frontend javascript frameworks… Anyway, great video as always, but you could have mentioned that 😉

  13. I'm a beginner so I don't know why client side rendered JavaScript is bad for SEO. Can anyone tell me?

  14. Phock what a great vid! I've done a lot of server-side rendered projects with .net core and as I've been learning JS / vue (forced)…I've been wondering how it affects SEO and ranking onvarious search engines. Can we get some follow up vids related to SEO and ranking please?

  15. if you want to make pwa with ssr no need to use react(next.js)/angular/vue(nuxt.js), just take your web app let's say it is in php(backend + frontend), add the js required by google like service worker and that's it

  16. Hey Chris,
    thanks for the Videos, really helpful!
    Could you make a Video explaining how Frontend Frameworks like Angular, React and Vue combine or interact with Django when building a Webapplication?

  17. its possible to achieve good SEO just use SSR for angular/react. You can do this in many ways but one way is to make a cloud function serve it. cheap and effective.

  18. If SEO is your main concern, you could go with Next/Nuxt (SSR or static site) or Gatsby/Gridsome (static site).

  19. I'm guessing this would also apply to Googles own technology Angular.

  20. It's very interesting. So is react/angular/vue optimal only for established players and not for startups? Even if I am building a dynamic page product, isn't it going to be very difficult to get it noticed by people if it doesn't come up in google search?

  21. I'm developing a very dynamic web app using react. The only SEO I'm concerned about is the home page, not the app itself. It is a good idea (or even possible) to use SSR for only the home page?

  22. wow. This is shocking. I can't believe I never thought of this.

  23. Had requested for it just yday and you have made and posted the video so soon! Truly awesome. Thanks Chris!

  24. I would say wp/php for server side tendering front page where all the content is (important for seo). Link that with the actual web app but don't expect the web app to get you SEO juice. Two part system.

  25. I'm so grateful to find this very early into my programming journey, I knew there had to be a downside to these really popular frameworks, now it makes sense why millions of people are making apps which never see the light of day

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