How A lot Do We Spend On Social Media Advertising and marketing Adverts For Artwork

Artist Suggestions by Rafi and Klee, two full-time artists who give sensible recommendation about being an artist in at this time’s artwork market.

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  1. Victory Auto Wreckers!!! YES!!!! Chicagoland shout out!!! 😂

  2. Yay! Great video. I didn't have the luck or budget with those ads. I think for the calander product makes sense though cause they're already customers/fans of the art.

  3. The only working website that has worked for me personally and sends me free instagram followers is SMM EMPIRE, find it on google – Believe me, I tested many different websites however none of them really work just like SMM EMPIRE haha

  4. I am SUPER THANKFUL for you both!!

  5. Etsy really screwed us now with the new combining of promoted listings and google ads. They hurt me so bad over the last couple years with taking away our stand alone Paypal, forced free shipping [or have your listings throttled] and now the final nail in the coffin is that ads are now worthless and my ROI is only 1 to 1. Josh Silverman is destroying the platform as he did on eBay. Josh even sent an email to the investors bragging how he will basically force money out of us sellers by throttling our stuff if we don't pay up for seller services. I dread what they will do next year as I still have my eggs in one Etsy basket.

  6. Wooohoooo 20+K subscribers !!! Congrats 👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  7. I can't say I know about the ink to printer conversion… (lolz)
    I DO know about going out for ink, and then stopping at Wally World to just have them print the couple of things out on my way back from getting a flat-top scanner, though.

    AND I once set about to make meatloaf and ended up somehow turning it into a FANTASTIC lasagna… so there's that.

    Just my experience, but starting out by word of mouth only takes a bit of hustle, and you don't actually have to pay for anything. There's little to nothing actually social about social media, BUT "alternative media" has allowed just about everyone to share some facet of their lives with more people than ever… AND apparently that's something to be marketable. People are interested… I'd hazard the guess that just setting stuff out there as a creative in the "alternative media" setting is as good or even better than all the targeting and ad's you can market.

    Growing up with Cable TV, I've long been acutely aware of advertising and manipulations. I've come to regard them (since my early teens) as a manner through which the marketeers say "You do NOT know how to shop for yourself, so WE will shop for you!!! Buy a bunch of this crap you never thought you'd need because WE NEED MONEY!!!"
    AND more often than not, the ad's do a better job of pissing me off than they could ever do at convincing me I actually want anything they're selling.

    I might be in the minority here… BUT it's just an opinion, tossed up for whatever it's worth. ;o)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for your channel and your honesty.

  9. Question for Klee (or Rafi) – What would be a good way to start exploring jewelry making? Wires, crystals, beads, etc? Been experiencing / sensing things that seem to be directing me toward that path. I know I can just get supplies and dive in trial and error, but thought perhaps you might have a little guidance. Thanks again for all your videos and help!

  10. Yes, excellent! I just have to smile at so many of your silly sayings, that are well silly ! Keep your chins and spirits up!

  11. I recently decided to start a Facebook/Instagram page just to display my work that I would be creating anyway. Facebook offered a 10$ coupon for a post "boost". So, I figured why not. At least seeing the reach and demographics was interesting.
    Oh, and thanks for making these videos. You guys are informative, and inspirational… And hilarious (sometimes).

  12. Thanks guys for making this video… I tried using ads on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram and it turned out to be a total waste of money. Never again. Watching your vids helps me feel alright for being different in the art world. Thank you!! Here's a question for you, do you guys have any experience using social media platforms that are "alternative" like Vero, Ello, etc? I've been learning about the way some of the bigger social media entities do their "business" and I don't really like it, it seems manipulative.

  13. my understanding would be don’t spend on ads if you aren’t earning the income from your art to cover the costs…

  14. That "rainstorm" guy with the amazing secret webinar to exclusive success ad? I saw it at the beginning of the video. LOL. I've listed to a few of those "Free webinars" and I totally agree, it's all the same about targeting ads.

  15. Praying for you both to feel better…God Bless You Both Sorry you guys havent been feeling good.

  16. Thank you for your great advice. Hope you both feel better soon. Congratulations on the 20 k subscribers 🍾 and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you x

  17. Hi rafi,

    I just watched some videos on COPPA which goes in effect in 1/1/20. All videos now have to be labeled kids/non-kids. Arts & Crafts videos are potentially assumed by FTC to be "kids" material. Any video labeled kids, will have in effect no reach, no search, no comments, no advertising. Any violation is $42,000 a video. FTC went after YT already and content creators next possibly. There is a petition to fight it if you want to sign it at https://www.change.org/p/youtubers-and-viewers-unite-against-ftc-regulation/psf/promote_or_share?recruiter=

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