Why I Stopped Doing Month-to-month Reviews for my Social Media Advertising and marketing Shoppers

On this video I cowl why I ended doing month-to-month stories for my social media advertising and marketing company purchasers and the advantages it has had on my life, enterprise, and revenue.
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  1. Very cool, I was thinking about eliminating reports for my Amazon marketing agency and was trying to figure out how to do that while still keeping everyone happy. Thanks for the video!

  2. Billy, I just came across your channel, I like what you are saying, I want to start a social media services business thanks, Richard.

  3. may i know whose in charge when you need to boost a post?

  4. How much is spent on each ad? Initial ad and retargeting ad? Also, how long should you wait before launching the retargeting ads?

  5. Homie. You can link your Facebook to excel and excel into an already written report .. you print to PDF and send … done

  6. What’s your number 1 method to obtain new high paying clients?

  7. hey there Billy. Im based in Malaysia. For the past 2 weeks I've watched most of your video, i started calling some businesses for facebook marketing already. However, its still hard to get a client. And also, do you mind making a video on the after proses in the fb ads like landing page, auto email and how client will get the leads info automatically? I wanna say thank you for being an inspiration Im not a fan of working office hours so I'm still searching my path into the business world.

  8. Hey Billy, when one starts with smma.. is it good to just build the clients social media accounts and brand awareness? Because I hear other people say thay won't get clients real results thay one has to do FB ads as well.

    Do you do both or is it fine if one just wants to focus on building the clients social media accounts.. And if by just focusing on that aspect.. can they still get results for their clients?

  9. How do you run ads for realtors now that they took away all the detailed targeting with special ad category?;(

  10. Upload more please;( an updated ads for car dealerships or Chiropractors / realtors.. I miss those;)

  11. makes perfect sense, used to work for a marketing agency, we had to do weekly decks to show performance, biggest waste of time; the company also had a huge client churn rate ( and employee churn rate) go figure.

  12. Bro i love your content! Always tons of value for free!!!

    I have a question, is it better to connect fb lead ads with google sheets via zapier or sth else?

    thnx in andvance

  13. Hey, Billy. Have you tried Agency Analytics? What’s your opinion on it?

  14. Hey Billy! Great Video in first place, lot's of value and wisdom! Could you do a video on how to find people to work with from a management role? Like finding people who do Facebook Ads, Creative, Designers etc.? Outsourcing work & stuff! Thank you so much!

  15. A media buyer? Is that in your course??? Do I need one of these? Also what course have you taken that was most beneficial to you.
    I've really enjoyed watching you mature in this. You've inspired me to literally burn all the lifeboats and make this happen. I fired my manager 8 months ago to pursue this.
    You EVER come to Arizona let's do a ride along.
    I would love to have an opportunity to work with you.

  16. Are you from Arizona? Think I saw you getting Burger King in a white Cedes

  17. Very bad (low) sound… but very with content!

  18. Great video man and makes total sense.

  19. Hahaha nice lama in the background😂 Good vid btw

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