Is your Google my enterprise itemizing verified? Test your standing in seconds

Do not know in case your Google My Enterprise itemizing is verified?
Google simply launched a instrument that can aid you discover out in seconds your itemizing standing so it removes any doubt.

Watch this tutorial to learn the way it really works
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Google My Enterprise standing verification instrument

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  1. Hello Luc, thank you for your great work on this subject. Do you know if the content from the description's fields of the services, products , or the posts from the GMB are indexed by the search engine ? If I use the same content than the website for the descriptions areas will they be consider like duplicates contents by Google ? Thank you very much for your help 🙂

  2. Great job. Thank you and just go on…looking forward for next videos!

  3. If you get time can you please make a vid on Google Guarantee ( the green badge) for local listings. Thx 🙏

  4. Dear sir pls tell us how to increase our facebook page peoples please sir.

  5. Is there a way to find out what email or google account is associated with my Business listing?
    It seems to be verified (It doesn't say "own this business") But I don't remember what account I set it up with. I don't remember having a gmail account

  6. Your channel is great. I need more and more video.

  7. Thanks Luc, this is exactly the video I've been needing.
    However, once I finally received my verification code in the mail (3.5 weeks later), I've verified it, but it's been a week and still no sign of it on Google. The only link it comes up with is my FB page. I followed your link and it says it's verified.

  8. Hi Luc, I cannot find my Business on google maps if I am not logged in as owner. As owner I see it and from another phone or account I do not see it. I can find it though searching for it in Google. Hwo is it possible? Thank you for your work!!

  9. thank you, i hope i have time to work on it on my site using your great practical info

  10. Hi Luc, another wonderful insight into all things digital. Here's my question, I have several websites associated with my Gmail account but only one of them has shown up. Would this be because I've used Site Kit during their set up?

  11. Hey Luc,

    Thanks for your new videos. Would you plz tell me how to d bulk verification?

  12. Hi Luc,
    Thanks for sharing. Increasing the parameter TRUST is important for Google ranking and for websites’ visitors. Users pay attention to verification badges. Give them what they want then you increase your ranking and sales.
    Valuable and helpful. Want more new videos.

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