$20,000 per Month with my Social Media Advertising and marketing Company!

On this video I break down how I revamped $20,000 per thirty days with my social media advertising and marketing company working solely 1-2 hours per week, in addition to how a lot revenue I take house on the finish of the day.
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  1. Throwback to 2 Years ago when I made $1,600 with Social Media Marketing: https://youtu.be/R1GviD33BEs

  2. Respect brother, me and 2 business partners are starting an agency in 2020, can't wait! Took loads of notes from this video, thank you.

    Also is there anyway of contacting you for a 1to1?

  3. What is the media buyer? I thought you manage these ads by yourself.


  5. How many times you meet with each client a month?

  6. Saw this video on my feed and thought "Maybe I can learn a few things" and it inspired me to keep working at my media agency. Crazy enough that I have also started implementing this model after one year of running my business. And Billy, I resonate so much with you since I am 20 yrs old and I share many of the same ideas with you. Thank you!

  7. Hi billy do you need a buisiness permit or licnse or any other docs for having an smma business? So that you wont get busted by the gov laws?

  8. Damn how do you get $4500/month from a business? What all do you do?

  9. Great Video billy, our Website Design Agency runs similar to your agency

  10. Hey, Billy, this is crazy value .. have learnt so much about social media marketing agency from any other channels as of now and I understood what really sets us apart is like doing a free strategy session which is a bonus for them and it's literally out of the box. thanks man keep crushing it

  11. Thanks Billy .. How about a Dentist who's a part of an Enterprise group?

    Do you recommend get them as a first client ?and why ?
    Hope you reply Billy ..thanks

  12. Billy, why not focused on financial & ecom device only? And why not Real Estate? 🤔
    Also, why your media buyer wouldn't just walk away to start their own business? 🤓

  13. Bro i have a instagram public page of 40k followers … How much money i get for this plz tell…

  14. Billy….didn’t see any costs for fees on payment providers like PayPal in your spreadsheet?

  15. Hey, does most of your funnels includes landing pages or just Facebook lead forms?

  16. Billy I need help with a credit repair company…Can you help? I'm new and haven't got one face book conversion yet!

  17. Can you link these clients you are talking about please, send us links to their social media accounts.

  18. Are you prospecting clients in your own area or you prospect in other states or cities?

  19. Hey man, recently came across your channel and really love the content! I'm currently making about $40,000 per month from selling seo. Looking to transition over to selling a course, either to marketers or to Roofers (my niche) wanted to possibly speak with you to get some ideas on how to go about doing this. If you're available, Feel free to give me a call at 347-920-9521

  20. Hey! I got a question, You said in the video you had a client for over 2 years (Gym) but what i dont really understand is how to make relevant ads, do you keep giving offers?

  21. Is it too late to start a agency for local businesses? If not, then do lead gen ads still work?

  22. 25% for media buyer is solid. If I recall it right your media buyer is from serbia? Average monthly income in Serbia is like $450, so with $5700 a month he makes more than 12 times the average, that would be like somebody from the usa would make 56000 a month. Don't think that he is unhappy 😀

  23. If you want to earn money by reselling social media services then smmqueen,com is the best place to choose services at cheap prices

  24. How do you get clickfunnels for $37?

  25. What CRM would you recommend for a starting digital marketing agency??

  26. you are the boss and super humble, thank you

  27. Nice breakdown ! Interesting to hear about female only gyms..hard for me to believe that would fly in our current cultural state haha

  28. Those who are spanking Facebook Ad's, never expose themselves and wouldn't be wasting their time making YouTube video's because.. they don't need to

  29. Hey! Thanks for the another great inside tips. What is really media buyer and gow do i hire them? What they do to take 25% cut? How many dp you have of em? Are they running ad for you or clpse the client for you. Can you explain more in depth?

  30. What other businesses do you do? Amazon fba? dropshipping?

  31. 1) Did you ever have a problem with hiring contractors and getting poor quality work?
    2) What exactly is your role once the client is signed on? Doy ou come up with the ad strategy or is that the media buyers job?
    Appreciate the response!

  32. I’m having trouble getting my first client;( help;(

  33. I appreciate your transparency. BIGGEST QUESTION: How did you find your media buyer and what questions/test/proof did you require them to show to know they'd be fit???

  34. How does the gym keep paying you? Are you making them more than $1500, because their low ticket

  35. this is really inspiring, thanks Billy

  36. Do you plan on narrowing down your niches?

  37. Is your course updated with all the new fb compliance ? 2019

  38. You don't believe in picking I niche?
    Do you think you will niche down later on in the future?

  39. If you run a smma and would like someone else to do your prospecting, check us out;



    Guaranteed 20 attended meetings a month.

  40. How is clickfunnels 37 dollars for you?

  41. Thanks for the video! Such an inspiration… Keep them coming, they provide an immense value Billy 👌

  42. This is awesome,
    But I could’ve sworn you made way more. Not sure if I’m mistaking you with someone, but I remember you mentioning $80k/mon. It’s not about the dollar figure, just making sure I have the results correct.

    Either way great video Billy, I’m always looking at your videos for motivation.

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